23/05/2011 22:36:52
Hello I'm presenty trying to find my old smokers 3135 does anyone know where it is and if its for sail thanks to

24/11/2011 16:19:06
Are you talking about Moogerwumper? If so I bought her from a guy who had lived in/near Southwold and owned her from approx 1986 to about 2004.

I sold her to some guys who sailed her at Rollesby Broad in Norfolk for a few seasons. I understand she was sold again in about 2008 to someone in Norfolk.

19/12/2011 20:03:55
If the boat had a red & white hull then it is still at Rollesby sailing club,Seen last week in the boat park.

09/02/2012 20:24:07
no it was not red & white it was a nice battle ship grey i'am also the guy that darren sold it to i sold it to a man in upton who sails vintage rocket but can not remember where he lives so can't contact him to see if he still has it or it's been sold on was hoping he may see this and tell me if he still has it and if so would he sell it back to me best merlin i;ve had


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