Thin plastic packing

23/03/2011 13:21:55
Can anyone recommend a place where I can buy some 1mm or 2mm thin plastic? It's for packing out a centrboard case. I have some Jap-tape but it's just 1mm and it doesnt like to be doubled up.

23/03/2011 13:50:43
Chris m
Have a look on ebay for some tufnol. It does come in 1mm and is pretty friction free

23/03/2011 14:00:29
Garry R
How much are you doing.  Full case both sides - formica was used in the past but it is pretty expensive.  I spaced out the board with acetal strip (you can get various thicknesses from ebay.  Epoxy glued and small countersunk screws to hold it.  Board doesn't flop about now and a big help in pointing.  I have given a link but I'm sure there are other thicknesses
23/03/2011 15:41:11
John (36)
if you contact your local laminate distributor and ask them for cheapest 1mm sheet they've got or ask at a joinery workshop for some offcuts.

try with branches all over the place. They might have some damaged or broken sheets.

23/03/2011 19:00:27
just a thought would the 1mm lexan or 2mm acrylic clear sheeting I sell for transom flaps do the job?
24/03/2011 13:10:41
Cheapest? A couple of old CDs glued to the sides of the board. Being round, they dont get in the way when lifting / lowering the board.

24/03/2011 13:41:28
And according to the marketing when they were launched, they will still play when you have finished with them!


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