Old photos

17/03/2011 10:41:03
floppy toppy
Charity shop bought book, Photographic Annual 1978, has photos of a merlin going down the mine at Salcombe. Sail number is 2486 (I think). Anyone any idea who the culprits are? They seem to be entangled in a mooring line.

17/03/2011 11:59:29
Tony Lane
The 1978 YB records the owner of MR 2486 "Troggle" as P. Clewer of Broxbourne SC.
The 1979 YB shows a change of owner to M Smith of Boston SC.

20/03/2011 13:57:29
Jon E
Scans thereof Ron?

21/03/2011 20:35:07
floppy toppy
will try and sort something

22/03/2011 13:18:50
Ex Merlin
From around that time, I remember a sequence of photos in Y&Y of an out-of-control Merlin under spinnaker taking out a chap rowing a tiny tender.

22/03/2011 14:50:28
Andrew M
Fuming 2986 would be a more likely suspect

22/03/2011 21:13:19
Rob H
I think the guy in the tender was Mike Banks, I'm sure I was casized in the background, I thought I had that issue still somewhere,

24/03/2011 20:55:09
floppy toppy
kite is up, but the boat is caught in a mooring line. old fashioned bouyancy aids (bit like jacko was wearing a couple of years ago) looks like a mail/female crew.

25/03/2011 16:39:02
Sequence of 'photos in Y & Y were by Rob O'Neill


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