History of an old boat?

16/03/2011 23:45:00
Guy Wood
My old amigo aka the Shunter - Martin Hunter has respecively requested if of you fellow Rocketeers poss ex owners know any info of the boat that he is thankfully re-surricating and bringing back to life for Vintage/River series? She is called Quiver, her no is 774, built by Jack Holt and she is of the Martine design Cheers Guy?

17/03/2011 12:19:49
Tony Lane
I regret I cannot help you with boat's earliest years but by 1962 MR 774 "Quiver" was recorded as being owned by H W Pumphrey at Aldenham SC.
The next 22 year books record no change of owner but the 1986 to 1997 books show the boat as being at the Exeter Maritime Museum!

17/03/2011 14:03:49
Perhaps we can send them Martin in exchange?

17/03/2011 20:47:23
Richard P
Now that sounds like a good idea!

18/03/2011 18:55:34
Mike Liggett
Checked 1960 book confirmed owned by Bill Pumfrey at ASC.


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