10/03/2011 20:57:00
Dan Alsop
I was surprised I could see no mention of this on the Forum.  It will be sailed this Sunday March 13th and is a fine place for Merlins. First(slow)boats start at 10.00hrs. Regrettably I cannot attend as Gangsta is not yet fitted out.
Dan Alsop

14/03/2011 07:57:42
Well done to Richard Whitworth and Olly turner,Overall winners of the Starcross Steamer 2011,Beating 84 other boats and 8 National Merlin Rockets.

14/03/2011 14:06:20

14/03/2011 15:30:41
Andy Hay
I was most impressed with Team Pleasure's turn of speed.

14/03/2011 19:32:43
Dave Lee
"Bandit" - Richard and Olly were sailing to a very high standard so maybe they did actually deserve to win????  Clearly you didn't witness their well timed port tack start across the rest of the Merlin fleet, or watch them carry their spinnaker down the very tight breezy reach which most boats were two sailing.  Well done guys, a great performance!

15/03/2011 12:23:33
old fart
No results or article on Yachts & Yachting or Starcross YC website - perhaps the internet does not work in the bad lands west of Exeter

15/03/2011 12:24:57
Rob H
15/03/2011 16:34:37
Former Whitstable Pro
Well old fart I found them on the Starcross web-site on Sunday evening although in that edition a laser won the event .had no trouble getting the revised version on Monday - perhaps there is a clue in the first part of your name .

15/03/2011 19:57:53
Very kind of you Mr Hay.


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