Reaching Hook Damage

08/03/2011 13:17:33
Went sailing on Sunday in a force 3 and had a stunning days sailing again, was the first racing we have done in the boat and managed to get a 3rd place in the second race we did, caneing the 4th place RS400 by 2 1/2 mins and only finishing 40 seconds behind the phantom.... very encouraging for the season to come.

Only thing is that we found that one of the reaching 'hooks' (the standard bolt with a plastic sleeve type) seems to have been pulled up by the force of the kite and indented itself into the deck.

Is there a standard fix for this? My thoughts at the moment are too either fill the deck where it has pushed in with something and then re-attach it; or maybe move the hook an inch or so forward or aft and reattaching it there, filling in the old hole. Luckily cosmetic wise with the boat being a white whale it shouldn't look to bad after a quick coat of paint!

08/03/2011 13:36:17
Sounds as though the wood around the bolt-hole may have been wet for a while and softened up - hidden by the whale-paint. 

How's this for a fix...dig out soft wood, fill with stiffened epoxy, let stainless penny washer into deck (on outside of gunwale)behind reaching hook, re-drill hole and bolt it all back together. Washer on outside (which may need a little trimming to fit) will provide resistence to chafe and prevent hook pulling up/in again.

Repeat on other side and repaint. That should keep you busy for a weekend!

09/03/2011 16:57:13
sounds good, will wait till the current series finishes at the club and then do some gluing when the nights get longer

thanks for the help


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