Signs of Life!

01/03/2011 13:06:56
John Murrell
Ok somewhat off Merlin sailing I appreciate but.......................

Here in Salcombe we are celebrating our stewards 25th year of employment with a party on 12th March. We are inviting all SYC members past and present along with Brian's friends - you lot!!!!

Tickets will be £10.00 per person which includes a supper and a band playing folk / barndance music - Signs of Life!

If you want to come down for a party night let me know or ring Jools in the SYC bar - 01548 842872

08/03/2011 12:02:27
the gurn
sorry John but cant come - wish Brian a happy birthday from me. On another point - are there any places for MR week - have got an ace crew lined up!

08/03/2011 16:16:06
A young chap, about 45!


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