Urgent Request for Help - Dinghy Show

24/02/2011 12:57:07
Further to Charlie's earlier post we have had a good response for volunteers on Saturday but as yet nobody is available for Sunday, evidently everyone would rather go sailing.

If you are intending on going on Sunday and would like to do a short stint on the Merlin stand please get in touch.


07812 350286

24/02/2011 22:21:25
I've told louise i'll help sunday 12.00-2.00

26/02/2011 10:02:36
Alex, I can help after 2.30pm

27/02/2011 17:44:43
Peter 3112
I have already offered Sunday 1400-1600.

01/03/2011 16:47:03
David Child
Something else to put in the Merlin Rocket mix at Ally Pally.

03/03/2011 16:11:51
Good to see that winners Choose Selden. Not to be confused with Selden, Kansas which is the sex crime capital of that fair state.

03/03/2011 16:46:41
Which boats are on the stand ?

04/03/2011 19:13:54
Is there any info on  what the helpers need to do on arrival tomorrow? or is it a case of going through the turnstiles and finding the stand?

08/03/2011 12:00:23
Jeremy 3709
Any pictures ? Could not make show and wondered which boats were on display ?

08/01/2012 16:52:41
Jon and I will be around both days to show people which bits of string do what on the good ship Shabazzle.  Check out the latest implementation of our amazing "musketeer" pole-launch system (no puller or snodger required); and the canting rig, new foils and rudder head system, through-deck jib sheeting and barber haulers, etc.

See you all there!


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