Weekend report

21/02/2011 19:13:37
Tim Male
Great sail on Sunday. Matt and Ben showed everyone how to do it (2 firsts) with some distinctly old-skool-looking sails. Gouldy borrowed an equally retro RS300 and put in a 2nd and 3rd whilst Mr Adams was at home (changing nappies on newborns?) Steve and Gill won overall and the rest of us had lots of fun.

No aeroweb in sight, no fags either, just plenty of lager. WHATEVER NEXT?

22/02/2011 09:01:55
Andy D
Well sailed Steve & Gill. This proves yellow is quick!

25/02/2011 13:00:42
Rich adams
Yes, changing nappies now on our new arrival!! Was sad not to make it along, well done gill and steve!!! Glad to see they kept the merlins on pole!

See you all soon.


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