Wembley Training tomorrow

19/02/2011 18:34:46
Joe Tosh
Does anyone know what time to be there for?

19/02/2011 19:38:40
Paul D 3371
Please arrive for around 9.00 to 9.15 start. The itinery is roughly as below (depending on weather and we may decide to do more sailing in the afternoon subject to consensus):

Brief talk at say 9.15 then rig by 10am
1)10am - 12 Noon (latest), spend time in dinghy park inspecting our boats and looking at rig set up, tuning etc
2) Noon - all go out and race as normal with Andy in a speed boat. He can then follow each of us / video for say minimum 10 minutes each and make detailed and specific notes to each of us on what we do right and wrong / we can change etc.
3) Lunch
4) After lunch feedback on the morning - with specific feedback by boat / suggested action points for each boat to work on, then if time watch Andy sail one of our boats for half an hour so we can watch his technique, positioning in boat etc
5) Finally, general Q & A then close

19/02/2011 19:41:30
Paul D 3371
Oh and I should mention that we are charging £10 per boat, much of which has already been sent to Pippa Taylor's charity as at the Felluca dinner, although any excess monies we make after tomorrow will also be forwarded to her. For that reason lunch, drinks etc will be extra at the regular club galley


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