Hamble Warming Pan 19/20 March

18/02/2011 19:52:56
Hi Merlin sailors

It's just a month to go to the first Silver Tiller of the year, the Warming Pan at Hamble River SC on the 19/20 March.

Everyone at the club is looking forward to seeing lots of Merlins on the startline. We've been hard at work all winter organising the parking, the catering, the race team, the safety boats, liaising with the Harbour Master and even putting together a protest committee (just in case there are any technical issues...). The only thing left is to organise the weather!

As usual you'll be joined on the river by the Firefly and Foxer classes. The National 12s will also be there in force as the Warming Pan is part of their 2011 Gill Series.

The event Notice of Race is now posted on the HRSC website http://www.hambleriversc.org.uk/wp_2011.asp together with catering details. If you need more information contact the club Sailing Secretary Tel: +44 (0)23 8045 2070, email: [email protected]

Hope to see you all in March. Who's planning to be there?

18/02/2011 19:55:12
Chris Martin
Is this definately two days silver tiller?

18/02/2011 21:04:07
It doesn't say in the NOR, What's the scene Alex?

18/02/2011 21:07:02
Hopeful Tyro
On our own web site!!

18/02/2011 21:11:57
Chris Martin
Hmm i'd like to go but it may be a B&B too far with salcombe the week after.


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