Spring mags

18/02/2011 09:23:06
Woof woof

The spring mags are being despatched aujourd,hui. That's today

Yearbook will be coming later

So don't let the dogs out on the postman

18/02/2011 19:05:31
Oh good, what about membership sticker's are they with the year book's or magazine?

18/02/2011 22:04:46
You should have got your membership stickers by now. Could you email me [email protected] with your details


21/02/2011 09:59:47
Wondering star
Were they posted? Nothing arrived here!

21/02/2011 10:48:05
If you have paid your membership and haven't got your stickers please email me ,could you confirm your address if I've got an old one

Cheers. [email protected]

21/02/2011 10:50:05
Sorry if you are talking about mags all have been posted, ive chewed mine already, if you haven't got them by tomorrow let me know

21/02/2011 18:25:50
Andy Hay - 3626 Business as Usual
Mine arrived and even survived the rain, what's a damp corner when you sail a MR?

Interesting comments by Dan ...

Can Will Rainey explain the thinking behind the twin spreader rig? I wanted to do something similar, but I guess it didn't work as Will had a normal rig at the Champs (if I recall correctly) ...

22/02/2011 12:49:46
Reading Dans comments, this means that if I wanted top buy Aeroweb sails to use this season I can do so within the rules of the class and RYA from the 1st of March?

22/02/2011 13:14:42
'...in time for implementation on 1st March this year'. Seems fairly unequivocal to me...which throws a rather curious light on recent events.

22/02/2011 13:59:03
Unequivocal, maybe, but you can never be too  confident when spending over a grand on sails that you will need to use for at least a season!! I need to be 100% sure before I give the nod.

22/02/2011 14:46:21
Has there been an indication on price yet?

22/02/2011 16:14:05
Richard Battey
Brilliant magazine Pat. Once again well done! R

22/02/2011 19:04:05
Andy Hay - 3626 Business as Usual
Jez, I would hold your cash until you see the proposal.

22/02/2011 20:28:27
Hi all,

I may be being a bit thick here but anyway..

I have a vested interest having splashed out on a new set of sails in November which I have used precisely once ready for the new season.

Having just got home a read the magazine it would appear that the Aeroweb sail is illegal. It also appears that a similar sail might be legal due to an inadequacy (or ambiguity) in the current rules.

So in order to prevent another sailmaker exploiting the ambiguity/inadequacy, and presumably capturing the market in new go faster sails, we are going to reword the rule for 1st March 2011 to allow the Aeroweb sail construction?

This smacks of a rule change by any other name and surely requires a vote. Even if it lies within the RYA remit to tinker with wording without a vote, that surely can't mean that we can vary the wording to the extent that it alters the legality of a specific sail without the vote?

Nor am I sure I like the sentiment of the bit in the Magazine that suggest the designers, builders and sailmakers want this change early - what about those of us that have just bought sails (a customer)? I am not the only one by the way!

There is another way which is to hold a vote with a proposal that blocks the exploitation and include the new text in the revised rules effective 1st March 2012. That give me a year to [email protected]$Łker my new sails before they are obsolete (which is about the time it took to do in the last lot). It also means that people have notice and can make a choice about their sail purchase fully informed of up and coming changes.

Finally, do these sails go faster or am I making a mountain out of a mole hill? Well I don't want to go into stuff that has gone on elsewhere but Speeds clearly think they do as per their blog. Will it make a lot of difference to me - don't know but it might psych me out a bit!


22/02/2011 21:11:19
Chris M
I don't think that aeroweb sails are going to take the world over straight away. They are lighter and are intended to last longer, but apart from a jib and the set that Matt used this winter there are none in use yet so this is yet to be proven. In my opinion the whole illegality thing has been blown out of all proportion. They do not messure according to current class rules, but this should not be interpreted as a sign we are worried that they will outclass all other sail cloths immediately. Apparantly captain Cook's claim to have discovered Australia is now in doubt becuase he used unmeasured sails.............

I'd be inclined to sit and watch this year.

22/02/2011 21:12:03
Steve & Gill
Hi Dave,
Don't panic. We are in the same boat and just bought a new suite of sails. I have watched Matt perform
this Winter with these aero web sails and its not the big bang you and I fear. In fact, they probably
need a bit more development before I would invest in them. Matt & Ben are just super sailors and can propel a steel bath tub at a similar speed (excuse the pun)
Enjoy your sailing. See you on the circuit.

23/02/2011 07:27:37
The latest magazine is another great one, very little credit given here to the superb quality of the publication, it would not look out of place on a newsagent shelf. 
On the subject of new sails everyone is obsessed with how fast they go, as we all know boat speed can just give you the ability to go fast in the wrong direction! the greater part of the skill is pointing the boat the right way, the fastest boat does not always win.

25/02/2011 00:03:28
I think that It would be sensible to have a vote on this rather than enforce it upon the membership. What is the rush?

25/02/2011 10:45:08
David Child
I no longer race a Merlin Rocket but it is hard not to be very fond of ones sailing Almer Mater!
My long understanding has been that the Merlin Rocket Class is a RESTRICTED class and that within the confines of all the rules one may do as one likes.
Further that from time to time over its glorious 66 years the class rules have been amended in the light of experience or to take advantage of DEVELOPMENTS in materials and technology or conversly to firmly put them out of place.
I understand that North Sails are shortly (How shortly I do not know.) to make their highly succesful 6DL technolgy available to dinghies,6DL is, I understand from various postings on this site, by those who make such things their business class legal, now; when they do this everything to date will suddenly (Stability longevity and consistancy of product.), be very "last week".
So just maybe that is something else to factor in?

25/02/2011 11:00:16
David Child
I understand the machine is shortly to be delivered but production dates are likely to be well beyond that, furthermore by the way it is 3DL a typo.

25/02/2011 14:28:28
the gurn
Hi Megan Peter Frampton just called in on his way from Australia (not the guitar playing one) to Bognor Regis for ex BRYC race officer John Frampton's funeral (Pete's Dad - but he was 104) He spotted my copy of the magazine - in fact he nicked it. He thinks that he still pays his subs - and he doesn't get a magazine. Can this be right?

25/02/2011 14:29:29
the gurn
oh - can you send me another copy ie Peters copy

25/02/2011 16:16:34
Sorry don't have him as an existing member, can you get him to email me ,  also could you email me and will send a replacement sorry don't recognize all these nichnames

28/02/2011 12:07:04
Hywel jnr
Hi Megan,

I've not had my copy yet, I hope its not for forgetting to pay my subs (Sorry if it is but I think i'm up to date). Could you check my address its 18 Cater Gardens, Guildford.

Cheers (Dylan sends a bark!)

28/02/2011 14:36:26
Mag in the post. You do need to pay for this year, you were a wee bit late last year

Woof woof

28/02/2011 15:09:36
Hywel jnr
Thanks Megan

Slap on the wrist duly noted, I'll get a cheque in the post!


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