Dinghy Show - Very interesting talk (maybe)

17/02/2011 13:15:43
Frances Gifford
Dear All,
It has been publicised a bit but incase you've missed it, at 10.30 am on both days of the dinghy show (5th/6th March) I will be talking about my big adventure last summer. For those not aware, I sailed a wayfarer round the UK (using the Caledonian Canal).
I had a number of other merlin rocket sailors on board at various times in the trip, namely Sophie, Alex, Ellie, Toby and Captain Dan.
Anyway - from a personal point of view it would be great to see some nice people on the seats in front of me, so if you can get there that early it would be great to see you all.
Its not actually a boring talk, or so I've been told.
I know 10.30 is early.
Hope to see some of you there.

19/02/2011 18:31:35
Mrs Tosh
I can vouch for Fran, it is a very worthwhile talk.

22/02/2011 10:36:25
I was at Fran's talk in Medway and it was great. Even tho I read her blog daily, there's lots more to her talk and it's well worth going.


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