11/02/2011 19:12:14
Hearty congrats to Matt & Ben for winning the SailJuice Warm Up.

Boat looks fantastic, but are Tape Drive jibs class legal ..... ?

Dont get me wrong, not trying to be nasty about it, but just trying to understand whether to buy a dacron or fancy jib for the 2011 season and be able to use it at the Champs.
12/02/2011 15:06:16
Andy Gray raised this in October have the RYA not got their ducks in row yet? OR have the membership simply not been told?

12/02/2011 15:36:01
Measurement Man
Hi All,

Aeroweb sails are not legal, and should not have been signed as measured, if they have been. If they have not been measured the boat's certificate is invalid, with the consequences that follow from that.

The matter is under discussion between the MROA and the RYA and we plan to have a resolution that we can publish imminently.

Patience is a virtue, Cassandra.

12/02/2011 15:45:31
Andy Gray
Cassandra,sorry, I can't lay claim to raising any point on sail construction for the Merlin class nor should I as I'm not in any way technical or a class member! Thanks for the mention anyway. By the way the Aerostrip sails do look rather spiffing. Jim and Taxi made me a super Technora sail for my Solo last year that was well quick!

12/02/2011 16:46:02
Chris I
Can someone explain which bit of which rule makes such a sail illegal?

12/02/2011 17:04:43
Measurement Man
The tapes contravene the secondary reinforcement rules both in their distribution and composition.


12/02/2011 17:13:22
Chris I
So a tape drive main would be equally illegal, but a jib built from 'normal' laminates is OK?
You could say that some stress mapped sails are just a cloth where the fibres have been laid at particular angles and are part of the 'cloth' like the fibres in our normal mainsail cloth.

12/02/2011 17:36:51
Measurement Man
may I refer the hon gentleman to the reply I gave earler....

12/02/2011 18:29:20
So why are they racing with an illegal sail ?

13/02/2011 14:47:00
Another by stander......
As this is a development class it seems reasonable to experiment with these sails to me, they look great, don't affect performance and should last longer,is it not true that many sails already have this secondary reinforcement? Just seems a bit petty to me when Matt and Ben have worked very hard for this title, well deserved, Welldone!!!!!

13/02/2011 15:13:18
Barry D
Rules is rules!

13/02/2011 16:11:27
Another by stander......
If "rules is rules" shouldn't everyone with a jib be disqualified as they all have a secondary reinforcement.

13/02/2011 17:13:13
Then who if anyone measured the sail? Was it once illegal by construction, twice unmeasured?

13/02/2011 18:57:41
Barry D
Dont the jib rules allow secondary reinforcement as long as it can be folded?

13/02/2011 20:28:31
Chris M
Would any of those criticising have put a protest in??

13/02/2011 20:55:42
Certainly rules are rules it is cheating not to comply.

13/02/2011 21:17:36
Another by stander......
As I understand, speeds had asked for clarification for this development, I think the criticism is unnessesary as all other sailmakers jibs have a secondary reinforcement, clarification, not rule breaking, let's stop this petty argument shall we?

13/02/2011 21:42:40
Chris Martin
According to the rules as currently written the sails are illegal. There is no clearer decision..

The fact is that none of their competitiors were sufficiantly aggrieved to put a protest in, therefore whinging about it on here will acheive nothing.

13/02/2011 22:06:02
> protest

In a handicap race other competitors would not have the knowledge to protest. However if the sailors declared to the RC before the event that their boat had a non-class compliant sail and asked the RC to allocate a trial PY number there could be no possible complaint, and I doubt most RCs would allocate a different number for such a small change. However if a crew had deliberately sailed with a non-class rule compliant boat without informing the RC then some of the more unpleasant parts of the rule book seem feasible.

13/02/2011 23:09:34
Rich Adams
To be fair, i don't believe these sails have helped Matt and Ben go any faster than they already did, they are the correct sizes and shapes as speeds are always good with dimensions, rules may be rules but i'd suggest its a bit sad to try and take away from a team that are representing their class at these winter events, trying to put it forward as a competitive class that's pushing boundaries? Especially as they're in no way performance inhancing!
Is it not good that not only he's sailing a stunning looking boat that's catching peoples eye, but also there are some damn good sailors in it? Its your class, just clarify this rule, if need be clarify it quietly, to me though i find it very impressive that the merlins have won the award for the second year its exsited, Well Done!

14/02/2011 07:15:53
Chris M
JimC:- There were plenty of other Merlins there at all 4 events.

Thread closed, i think the origional question has been answered.

14/02/2011 07:21:13
Ian Mackenzie
Sorry, am I missing something here.
Congrats to Matt & Ben and best wishes for their continued success.
But, were their sails "measured" or "unmeasured"?
If the former presumably they are at fault as I understood that we were all required to compete with "measured sails".
If the latter Matt and Ben were competing in good faith.
Presumably the measurer can justify his authorisation or is at fault and is in need of re-training?


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