Buoyancy Bag Covers

07/02/2011 10:23:25
Has anybody bought a replacement set of these for a Winder recently and got a good price, improved design, etc? As always, the P&B price of over £60 delivered seems to be pushing the boundaries of consumer tolerance.

07/02/2011 12:48:55
Tim B
Hi I bought a replacement set for my Tales from P&B this Christmas.

Shame I didn't use enough fixings... . I had the bizarre sight of both my buoyancy bags escaping from the bag covers when I capsized this Sunday..Ha ha,

How we laughed when we had to play with the 2:1 main halyard to get the main down in the water, so we could beach the boat, to put them back in. I felt like a Brazilian plastic surgeon popping them back in their respective bag covers.."what size madam?" Luckily no puffing required to get them working again.

I did a spot of research before I bought them, even a pair made up by North's, Hyde's, DS and my local low cost sail repairer, wanted the same sort of money. So I plugged for them in the end, as the grey breathable fabric looks good and is teflon coated, enabling all sorts of fun and games.

Tim B

07/02/2011 21:28:56
Chris Martin
I have a set i bought secondhand and never fitted.

Yours for what I paid for them (£30)

07/02/2011 21:29:04
Chris Martin

08/02/2011 09:59:42
DS Sails
I hope to be able to help as I do not remember quoting for these? please can you email me the dimensions and I will add them to our list of Merlin Rocket accessories,

many thanks Dave Dobrijevic


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