Question for a measurer..

31/01/2011 13:16:52
Simple question I hope! This is about measuring the boom "black band" -is the measurement from the very back of the mast (sail track) as per equipment rules of sailing definition? I assume it is but I wanted to chack as some classes measure from the back of the mast (ie inside the track).

31/01/2011 13:41:51
I believe it is from the back of the track. If the track doesn't continue down to the boom level (like with carbon rigs), then you need to use a flat ruler or something to extend the track to give you a more accurate measurement.

31/01/2011 20:00:20
Chris M
Agree with ross.

01/02/2011 12:57:39
Go to the bottom of this page, and see the picture and text below it (in step 15). This defines it as the back of the track.
01/02/2011 12:58:36
Tell you what, I'll quote GGGG's words from that article:

"The end of the tape measure has been set at the extension of the sail track, since this is a 'measurement point' as defined in the 'Equipment Rules of Sailing' for the boom band. This is not crucial, but if you were replacing a mast with an integral track with one that has a bonded track the difference could be 20mm."


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