lawrie ozzie and tim - dragon worlds

14/01/2011 21:39:35
the gurn
looks like another ex MR champ doing well - Ozzie once won the Ranelagh ST in my old Mood Indigo - not sure if Tim has sailed a Merlin. Looking at latest results they can do it with a discard. Good luck guys - I will be watching from Sydney (off to watch the skiffs on Sunday)

15/01/2011 09:01:41
Robert Harris
Have a look at the 'Dragon World Championships' website where there's a full report. Today our 1976 Champion and his crew won the World Championships in Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne by the slimmest of margins

15/01/2011 11:13:04
Heard a rumour that Ossie has a new Merlin on order and intends to sail from his local club - the ever growing Merlin fleet at HISC.

15/01/2011 13:08:39
S Blake
I caught up with Ossie on the pontoon just before going into the last day. Sounded like they had a bit on this morning, with I think he said a 9 point deficit on the Germans with one race to go... They obviously pulled it out the bag though - very well done! I was staying in Melbourne and saw the racing almost every day in the bay - looked very impressive at a pretty stunning venue.

17/01/2011 09:00:28
Still Growing?
Think the fleet at HISC is now up to 15 or even possibly 16 Boats including Sailmaker Reps?

17/01/2011 18:51:15
Keith Callaghan
Maybe Lawrie could be tempted to have another go at the Merlin Championships?


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