Diamond Smiles

31/12/2010 12:01:00
Rescuing an old boat,(Dianond Smiles) I need to replace the hydrolic shroud adjusters and morrison wires. I need 4 through deck sheaves for new shrouds and lowers. If any one has any old ones, I would like to buy.

31/12/2010 12:29:49
Chris Rathbone
Good move replacing the hydraulics- when I owned her I had nothing but trouble with them. She had fixed lowers that were tightened with two very finger removing levers.
Best wishes,

Chris Rathbone

31/12/2010 13:59:01
Rob H
Why not one/two string it while you are at it?

31/12/2010 18:38:56
Plan to 2 string it, but will still need deck sheaves as there are none on it at present. There is a single piston on each shroud which is fed fluid by a master piston, one for each side. Hence no deck sheaves on the original set up.

31/12/2010 19:15:41
The boat needs a total re-rig.Square hoop,the best of the sails are Fireball,(main and spin)(anyone want firebox sails)the mast is Proctor D, and it need  redecking.

31/12/2010 19:25:34
Chris M
You beat us to it!!

The decks didn't look too bad in the photos, but yes, the rig was always going to be a problem!

31/12/2010 21:12:02
Rob H
Theres a white superspar carbon mast and some cheap/newer sails on the second hand spares list

01/01/2011 18:56:20
still be looking for deck sheaves tho.

02/01/2011 12:51:21

I have got 2 in stock

e-mail me and I'll let you know what the 'mates rate' is



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