New Starcross Crew Available

30/12/2010 20:15:24
Andy Hay
A bit on the light side mind, but Caroline and I are happy to announce the arrival of the latest in the Merlin Rocket crew pool. She only weighs 8lb 8oz and reaching the pole might be a challenge, but we are sure that Charlotte will teach her everything in time!

Caroline is looking forward to getting reaquainted with BAU and has even chosen a new pink wetsuit for her planned return to the front end for the Starcross 2011 Autumn Series ....

Wishing you all a very relaxing New Year and I look forward to seeing you on the Tiller Circuit in 2011.


30/12/2010 22:15:03
The Page Family
Many congratulations from us all.  Best wishes for the New Year.

31/12/2010 08:55:10
Well done Andy and Caroline. I can see Chris and Jenny becomming Silver Tiller full time time nursery providers!!

Regards Rod and Mo

31/12/2010 10:17:32
Measurement Man
Many congrats to all concerned with production and care!!!


GGGG and Jude

01/01/2011 12:33:10
Chris & Jenny Hay
Thanks for that Rod and Mo. The cousins Charlotte and Matthew have been practising tacking in a dinghy hull (you know which one Rod) under the carport. 
Season's best wishes to all.


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