Killer Shrimp

08/12/2010 14:05:13
old fart
There's a new thing to be worried about - Killer Shrimp (see the RYA's website)
Apparently they hunt in huge packs and have been known to strip the flesh from sailors in seconds. One unfortunate chap at Grafham was launching his GP14 and was attacked in 2 feet of water - the rescuers heard his cries but were too late and found only the shreds of his wetsuit and a few gnawed bones.
GP14 sailors are most vulnerable because they are slow to react and smell a bit funny - probably the embrocation.
People coming from infected plces will have to sterilised to prevent them spreading

08/12/2010 15:23:50
steve ward
This is slightly incorrect as theres actually 2 things to be worried about, GP sailors tend to be much bigger than merlin sailors and one was last seen slightly infected by the killer shrimp eating a merlin sailor whole .The GP sailor then returned to his boat and gained a massive lead in the next race due to the considerably smaller number of strings that he needed to de ice .....large bottles of de icer half price to merlin sailors.


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