French Open 2011

05/12/2010 11:12:57
Rod & Jo Sceptical
As you know(if you've read the mag.) we miserably failed to impress the onlookers with Merlin performance in Brittany,- it didn't help that they stung us with a new boat rating,- which was incorrect to boot! There is always 2011, and I had formally introduced a request to the FFV that they apply the old boat ratings for UK development classes.

We were at the Paris boat show yesterday, and ran into Bernard Porte of the FFV. He told me the request had been APPROVED, so come on, get your older boats over here to join the growing French fleet for some fabulous sailing in a beautiful location, 3-6 August.

Unlike last year, in 2011 there is a big hole between Salcombe & the Nats, with the Open falling nicely in the middle, whilst the way the EUR is headed this should be a cheap option.

Committee;- you'll have to agree that the attempts to organize the 2010 European raid fell a bit flat; can you look at this for 2011 and give it your full support? Kieron & I have done the trial run; what are you waiting for?

05/12/2010 18:48:07
I've checked some ferry prices for two people travelling by car with a trailer and the least expensive option is to go with Norfolk Line, Calais to Dunkirk, and drive down to Quiberon. The ferry cost is very good at £170 (different crossing times have slightly different prices)and I would estimate spending another £60 for fuel each way - its a 7 or 8 hour drive on very good roads.  These ferry rates may change as the dates draw nearer.

Accomodation on site is as little as £21 for bed, breakfast and a hot meal at lunchtime, per person per night in the sailing school, or £17 per person per night with breakfast and hot lunch on the camping field.

I'm very happy to answer questions about arrangements and other costs if anyone is interested in making the trip.

06/12/2010 13:34:53
Tesco clubcard points vouchers can be converted to eurotunnel vouchers for full or part payment of a crossing. Rate has now gone down to face value times 3 but still worthwhile, so shop in Tesco for the Christmas grub and plonk!


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