Salcombe Yawl Part Exchange

02/12/2010 17:33:26
Having heard of various old lags intending to sail in next year's Salcombe Merlin Week, I would be tempted if anyone is interested in part exchanging a competitive Canterbury Tales or similar for Spruce Goose my very beautiful and fast ex-Spud Rowsell Salcombe Yawl.  If anyone is interested, please call David Greening on 01548 842000 to discuss, or through my website

02/12/2010 17:50:11
David & Frances
David - you wouldn't be calling us old lags would you! Good luck - it would be good to have you joining in the fun.

03/12/2010 09:51:11
David, how much would you be willing to add towards the part exchange, over the cost of the Merlin.

03/12/2010 11:36:28
I sort of new the way this would be heading!

03/12/2010 11:39:30
Why not exchange Spruce Goose for Mythelated Spirit? Not an old lag in sight!

03/12/2010 14:28:27
David, will you be at D&G's on 18th. If so see you there.

03/12/2010 16:50:57
Hopeful please bring your chequebook, will be at D&G's and will keep a close eye on what goes in my beer!

03/12/2010 19:09:59
Chequebook, is that so you can take my account details to electrically transfer the money to me. Seriously though folks. Spruce Goose is one very nice boat, in excellent condition with a good record. Built for Spud himself. Probably one of the nicest you will find. (and they look after the Yawls, like the Merlin sailors look after theirs) So if you are even slightly interested in buying a Yawl, get down to Salcombe and seal a deal, you will not regret it. P.S. what's my commission when it sells.

20/12/2010 05:15:21
Robin Szemeti
We have a member at our club who has brought his Yawl to the lake for the winter ... beautiful thing it is two, Rowsell built, but they do have certain advantages that make them very competetive in club racing; 

1st outing made me miss my start by a minute, because I was too busy staring at it to notice the clock was going on ...

if it gets a bit tight at a mark, you have to give it extra room, because the colregs indicate we should keep clear of fishing vessels.

Im sure it would go faster if it didn;t have its nets out, I'm still waiting for the payeback, when the club can serve freshly caught trout for dinner :)


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