Very Sad News

16/11/2010 22:47:06
Tony Lane
I am very sorry to report that Patrick King passed away this evening.

16/11/2010 23:20:14
David Child
That is truly sad, and a reminder if one were needed that we are all getting older. 
Patrick was an usher at my wedding in 1966.

17/11/2010 08:23:00
Robert Harris
So sorry to read Tony's message. Patrick was 2nd in the 1966 Weymouth Championship crewing for Tim Hockin in Flamin-Go no. 1793 and 3rd at Pwllheli with Graham Pike in 'Gigolo' no. 2222 in 1970 . Although unable to crew in Merlin Rockets for many years Patrick stayed close to the class and was frequently to be seen with his mates in the Fortescue at Salcombe.

17/11/2010 09:19:05
Barry D
O'dear, what sad news. Dont forget that Patrick was a championship winning crew with Chris Rhodes in Scenario in 1979 at Falmouth and 4th in 1980 at Weymouth. He and I were the same age within a week. Makes you stop and think.
A great guy who was always very generous when he was in charge of the fitting mine at Proctors and great company werever he went.

17/11/2010 09:30:32
Robert Harris
Thanks Barry for completing Patrick's outstanding championship record over 15 years. I should have remembered because I was at both Falmouth and Weymouth.

17/11/2010 11:33:51
former whitstable pro
I'll never forget David Robinson's gesture in having Patrick crew for him at a Whitstable despite Patrick's disability . David got his 'reward ' two years later when he won the Champs at Shoreham .One of the nicest things to happen in the Merlin class .

17/11/2010 14:01:25
Jeff Worsdale
A very close friend for many years who will be sorely missed by our family. Jeff and Lyndy Worsdale.

17/11/2010 22:08:31
Alan Warren
A great chap with a wonderful wry sense of humor. A very sensible and knowledgeable  chap, we are going to miss him.

18/11/2010 09:58:21
Richard Davis
I heard the sad news late last night - but I admit it has resulted in a flood of very happy memories. These include - 

The first championship I sailed in when Patrick was in Flamin-go ;

the friendship with him and Graham Pike in the years they sailed together in Gigolo; Satchmo; Echo; Nitro et al ;

the 1978 Cowes Week when I was asked to be the ballast and sail with Patrick and David Robinson on one of the 2 J24s to race in Cowes Week - one of the boats was called Jojo !

and then the 1983 Championship when Patrick and David stayed with us in Whitstable and David skilfully piloted Patrick, who was then handicaped following his stroke, around the course in boat number 3210

19/11/2010 10:25:19
Paul Rata
First met Patrick in Spud's at Exemouth just before his stroke and since enjoyed his dry wit and company almost every year at Salcombe, when we covered almost every subject imaginable, very sad news.

19/11/2010 10:38:06
Tony Lane
Patrick's funeral will be in Hamble Village Church at 14.30 on Friday the 26th. Tea will be served at the Royal Southern YC afterwards.

19/11/2010 10:40:33
Emma and Lucy (Patricks Daughters)
We would like to thank you for your best wishes and support at this sad time. 
The funeral will take place on Friday 26th November 2010 at 2.30pm at The Priory Church (Hamble Church), High Street, Hamble, Southampton, SO31 4JF and afterwards at the Royal Southern Yacht Club. In lieu of flowers we ask that a donation be made to either Kidney Research UK, or the stroke association, in honour of Patrick.

20/11/2010 15:20:55
former whitstable pro
A few of us are meeting in the Bugle from 1230 next friday for ' lunch ' ( Spud , Tony Lane ,Laurie )

20/11/2010 16:13:39

21/11/2010 11:48:45
Rowsell sails team.
It is very rare for us at the loft to go a day and not use one of Paticks frases or qoutes, our personal favorite this year was during Salcombe merlin week on board the rowsell rib Patrick was asked if he wanted to go a shore on milbay,his reply was sublime "i would rather land on omaha beach" a real genuine classic person and you were always gauranteed a no bully conversation and a great friend to us all in Exmouth havent spent many Christmas holliday with us going back along.The Old fella Spud is trying to get to grips with internet so expect a message from him but be patient!

21/11/2010 19:10:17
Graham Pike
I was lucky enough to know Patrick for over 40 years and have so many happy memories of the fun we had sailing together at Hamble and open meetings, socialising, playing, watching and talking sport. The beer and banter after sailing was every bit as important to Patrick as the racing. He was an excellent crew as anyone who sailed with him will confirm. The only time he ever had a sense of humour failure was when we capsized, because he couldn't swim. Thank goodness Chris managed to give him the championship win he richly deserved.  Patrick was master of the understatement and his ability to sum up any situation with a witty one-liner was legendary.  Despite being dealt a rough hand in life, he was not one to complain about his lot. Emma and Lucy, he was very pruod of you and our thoughts are with you.  We will all miss him - and Southampton FC has lost a life-long fan.

22/11/2010 07:30:10
Robert Harris
My brother John will be unable to come to Patrick's funeral. His thoughts will be with Patrick's family on Friday.

John has asked me to pass on this story about when Patrick crewed him at a Salcombe Week in the 70s, John was a frequent winner of Salcombe Week in those days and they had to win the last race to win it again. As they approached the start line Patrick urged him forward with "We're OK, Go,Go,Go"!

They led all the way round the course, about 50 yards from the finish line Patrick remarked in his quiet understated way, "I doubt if we'll get a finishing bell". John didn't win Salcombe that year.

22/11/2010 09:56:03
Barry D
In 1981 I was taken to Southampton General with a suspected burst appendix. The surgeon whipped it out any way. The next day I was up and about in my pyjamas, pulling my drip down the corridor when I saw Patrick in the distance,in his pyjamas, doing exatly the same. He had had a minor operation and he was pulling his drip down the corridor as well. We stopped, looked at each other and both had one of those uncontollable laughing fits that we both split our stitches and head to be sewn up again. His comment was 'I wondered where all the old Merlin Rocket crews ended up' Priceless!

22/11/2010 10:01:04
Pat Blake
It is hard to find the words to say how much we all miss him isn't it.
Patrick would have known what to say!
Meanwhile I recommend David Robinson's words on the Y&Y site
22/11/2010 11:13:49
Wendy Jackson
Emma, Lucy, I am so sorry for your loss.  Patrick was a lovely kind man, who supported me from day one until the day I closed the shop door.  That is a lot of honey roast ham! Always funny, with a wealth of entertaing storys to make you laugh.  A top bloke.

23/11/2010 20:55:34
The MC
From all Patrick's northern friends,where he spent many happy weekends with the Balls(Andrew and Carolyn)we shall all miss the rascal immensely, and especially the Saga trips in Salcombe.All the very best to you both Emma and Lucy and families. We'll all be thinking of  you on Friday.

07/12/2010 17:08:09
lucy beard (king)
Thankyou to everone who came out on the 26th of november. dad would have been proud of the turn out, emma and i were very suprised at how many of you came inspite of the weather. thankyou again for all your kind words and letters. we will miss our dad so very much and a wonderfull grandad an all round great friend to many.


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