Anyone recognise this?

01/10/2010 17:41:52
Anyone recognise this that someone is trying to flog for a fortune? No number and no sails with it either!
That foredeck should be fairly distictive though.
01/10/2010 18:50:45
I recon the picture is a merlin (of course) and the discription is not.

01/10/2010 19:29:31
Chris M
Very hard to tell but it has hallmarks of a Guy Winder hull. Those capped full width knees are distinctive. Might be a Disguys?

02/10/2010 08:52:44
That was my thoughts as well Chris, I don't recal anyone else building them like this.

If only they were worth that king of money!!! I am guess he must have been seen coming when he bought it a year ago!

02/10/2010 17:36:52
Geoff Wright
The Disguys I had years back had a rather nice detail at the transom where the side decks didn't stop abruptly but curved round to meet in a narrow strip along the top of the transom.  I think they all had that detail so this boat probably is not a Disguys?

02/10/2010 19:31:58
Chris M
This is true, they do have a stern deck.

Back to the drawing board!

04/10/2010 06:26:29
Tim Boswijk
My guess is Thwartless Blews 3174.  I remember sailing against her on the Midland circuit.  A very distinctive boat with the half foredeck, blue, and no thwart!..Only a guess

04/10/2010 19:17:55
seems to have chopped a grand off the asking price.

still way too much though

05/10/2010 17:23:03
Thw owner cannot find the number carved into the hog - I asked.

05/10/2010 20:28:28
Maybe its on the thwart?

11/10/2010 13:30:33
Matthew Walker
I modified a Ghost Rider at Hamble, 1980's, removed the thwart placing two longitudinal boards either side of the centreboard to triangulate it all along it's length, also so's novice crew could let the hull roll during the tack and use the board opposite side as a simple step (because it's then horizontal), without the least scramble.   Very comfortable, intentionally so.  The hull became very rigid due to total replacement of the deck with new.  I would like to see if the boat is getting use again.  I have no year books, living in france now;   I think I gave it the name Spacecraft or Space Craft, a play on words.  Sail number 29** something I think, sold with new sails (all three) around 1991 and I think it had the hull number.  The image is gone from ebay, there's also a note from ebay that, for some odd reason, they apologise the advert may not be viewed by a user in france.  All other items show, just not that one!  Has anyone saved the photos?  The boat I restored were abandoned and ready for the scrap so I experimented;  a student bought it from me, at Hamble or Netley Abbey, forget which.   Bonjour!

12/10/2010 15:39:19
Anyone got a yearbook handy to check on 'Space Craft' ?

12/10/2010 16:20:39
A "Ghost Rider" built by Rowsell so the year book says!

12/10/2010 22:00:36
Matthew Walker
I've seen the photo now and  . . . . . . it's else than the project I did, similar nor, spinnaker chute neither. Space Craft not. 
Reader of the yearbook, smiley icon, er . . . can you remind me anyway of the sailnumber of the Ghost Rider I rescued and rebuilt - Space Craft.
Different topic, yet, how can I forget that number after looking up at the sails for soooooooooh long!
Perhaps, maybe, I'll see it again and recognise it at a distance or in a photo.

12/10/2010 23:08:44

13/10/2010 08:02:46
Matthew Walker
26 rather than 29! - I don't remember that many capsizes! 

13/08/2012 22:58:20
Adam Rodger
The boat is 3174,(burnt into the Hog behind the centerboard case) Thwartless Blues. a Smokers Satisfaction built by J Woodward of Solihull. 
Any additional history welcome.

14/08/2012 17:58:46
Tony Lane
According to the 1980 MROA year book 3174 'Thwartless Blews' is a Morrison designed Smoker's Satisfaction and was built by her original owners J Woodward and S Leney of Tamworth SC. By 1982 they had moved to Shustoke SC.
The 1983 yb records a new owner J Goodings also at Shustoke.
In 1992 she was owned by P Scott and L Ward and then in 1993 by G saxby all at the same club. Is that the same P Scott who was Chairman of the MROA in 94 - 96? If so the boat will have had an amusing year!

15/08/2012 09:00:01
d.h afraid not...but it still had an amusing year with me!!!


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