Calling all Scottish Merlins

20/08/2010 13:44:23
Hi All,
After an F-18 sabbatical I'm looking to get back into a rocket, (Kids coming through DOH!!!
I have lost touch with the Scottish Fleet.
I would like to catch up and see who, where and what is on the water,

Also is my St Andrews Flag Kite still on the go?


20/08/2010 18:19:30
Andy Pilkington
If you need a kite i can let you borrow my St George's kite as long as you are carefull with it .

20/08/2010 18:58:28
Saltire! surely you chaps don't need lessons from an Irishman from south of the border?

20/08/2010 21:12:06
He was posting the English translation, not the Jockanese!

22/08/2010 22:21:35
Calum B
Hi Scott, welcome back, I am still sailing the Merlin, just not very often due to work and looking after my kids, the Scottish scene has been quiet due to Hamish defecting to a Europe and my lack of time but I would love to get some events organised. The spinnaker met a sad death earlier this year when my crew (not John) did something new with the pole in a gybe (goodbye carbon pole) and the spinnaker gained a 4 foot hole (oops!) but is due to be replaced (thanks mr insurance man) e mail me [email protected]

07/09/2010 20:55:07
Garry R
I am still sailing Gannet (252) and Secret Water (111) at Forfar and at Vintage events.  Just back from the CVRDA Nationals at Clywedog where the Merlins put in a good show.  Gannet at 59 years old was 7th in a fleet of 24 boats over the weekend.  I am sure that 3072 is still at Chanonry and that Neil will be sailing his boat at Holy Loch.  What is the punishment for Hamish for defection I wonder?

08/09/2010 15:23:47
Mike Anslow
Hi Garry.

Hamish's punishment?? Sailing a Europe, I expect.

Nice to hear you're still busy on the circuit.



30/09/2010 19:42:47
good to hear from you all, I'm looking for a MSM2 as a winter project, trying to build up a decent club racer for the spring. i'll keep intouch,

03/10/2010 10:02:25
inside information
What Garry hasnt told you is he is about to defect to Somerset and has been seen practising his zummzet accent in local pubs down here so he can fit in.

03/10/2010 10:39:43
Dr. Samuel Johnson
"The noblest sight a Scotsman sees is the high road that leads to England."

06/11/2010 18:17:19
Hi Scott your ole smoker 3072 now in sunny helensburgh cant wait to get a sail

12/01/2011 19:32:31
let me know how you get on with the Merlin, in addition is HSC having a "Cat" early series this year was thinking of relocation the Nacra for the spring would need a creww though

13/01/2011 09:30:04
one of the most enjoyable sails i had in recent years was at the holy loch are you guys planning some merlin opens this year

14/01/2011 12:56:03
A shade p#ssed orf

we have a winter series running fortnightly at HSC from 6th feb for all commers as many hulls as you like , Nigel threating to sail his new infusion , Dave P in his Tor and perhaps a stealth or two , may be able to swing you a deal on spring series which starts begin april .

MERLINS welcome too ,Ben H you could come up for a chill and show us how its done , bring me a pressy too ;)


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