Lymington Open

10/06/2010 19:23:15
Currently considering which sea event to do next.  For those who sail/have sailed here, how far out into the solent is the course normally set?!

11/06/2010 14:30:23
Barry D
For tidal reasons, the courses will be on the mainland shore, either to the west or east of Lymington River. The courses are normally about 400 metres from the shore, depending on the wind direction. Wonderful venue to sail at.
Anyone wanting accommodation for that weekend can stay at our guest house I promise the host will not talk about Merlin Rocket sailing!

11/06/2010 15:08:22
It was a really fantastic event last year. 

(They even put on the red arrows for the award ceremony. They don't even do that at the Royal Hampton Yacht Squadron)

11/06/2010 15:34:01
Barry D
All part of the service!


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