Carsington Open

08/06/2010 19:15:47
Carsington will be hosting its first Silver Tiller Open for several years
The club will be open from 9.00

08/06/2010 20:03:52
3617 is going anyone else?

08/06/2010 21:16:42
3498 will be praying for big wind

08/06/2010 23:23:46
Pat Blake
We are going too - 3676 Hot Totty
Always liked Carsington - hope to see all my northern mates there?

09/06/2010 05:47:59
3346 looking forward to joining in

09/06/2010 11:38:30
What is the race format going to be? 1 lunch then 2? Also just so I have the cash, what is the entry fee?

See you there!!

09/06/2010 13:31:10
Read the notice of race available via this site, in the usual way, but to save you the technology problems here is the link.
09/06/2010 15:54:45
Thanks, I am always rubbish at reading the NOR!

11/06/2010 11:25:26
Sadly,I have to have lunch with brother in law over from the USA.

I love Carsington tho.

11/06/2010 14:18:05
3611 and 3662 will be there, hoping for not too much hangover

16/06/2010 12:12:56
Mrs D
Does anyone know who it was taking the photo's and if they are likely to be posted anyhere?


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