tiller for old Merlin

26/05/2010 20:33:38
colin day
I am in the midst of restoring a very early Merlin sail 365. On checking what we had I found to my horror that the tiller has gone missing. Can anyone help to replace it? It was wooden and hinged in the middle. It had some hooks on it to hold up the rudder? A drawing would help as I could have one made. (Apologies for lack of technical knowledge)

27/05/2010 09:09:31
chris B
I will look to see if I have one in my collection of bits, I know I have a some but whether it's the right one. If not I can send you drawings and measurements. They are quite simple, just a straight ash tiller tapering to an octagonal x-section and a simple extension. Sounds as if this was from a lifting rudder but the original may have been fixed.
glad to hear of another ribbed one being restored. I notice from the year books that 365 doesn't appear in the listing (even in 1975) do you know anything about the boat?

27/05/2010 10:10:11
chris B
Have sent an email with soe details

27/05/2010 12:59:10
If needed for your boat or anyone else with a vintage Merlin, Alex and I have a wooden spinny pole that was given to us. Think it is from an early 60s vintage Merlin. Probably 4.5 or 5 foot long. Email if interested. Can be delivered to ST opens.

27/05/2010 14:04:08
chris B
Ross, yes please, for MR 507. sounds just right. I dont do the ST but do you have links with anyone in the vintage circuit?

28/05/2010 08:07:52
Mike Liggett
Merlin 365 is listed in the 1960 year book as "not built", together with 366, 367 & 368 - the numbers were allocated to Aln Boats.

28/05/2010 08:41:08
Garry R
Actually listed as "PROBABLY" not built.  Seems like it was!!

28/05/2010 08:52:21
Mike Liggett
Sorry Garry but the 1960 year book definitely says "Not built" against these allocated numbers!

28/05/2010 11:22:06
Is there a possibility that it was built but did not measure and was therfore not a Merlin? This would suggest that a 'Merlin' of this number was never built, but actually one could exist, just never been recocnised?

28/05/2010 11:28:52
Garry R
My yearbook was 2004/5

28/05/2010 15:34:40
Suggest you ring the RYA Measurement dept and see if they ever issued a certificate!

28/05/2010 19:34:27
Garry R
Baz Edmunds I think is the name.  I couldn't get a certificate for Gannet because it wasn't on the computer but some kind guy went in and lo and behold the paper record was still there.  The personal touch can work.

28/05/2010 21:47:43
colin day
my boat is no 265 not 365 - my error, sorry!

28/05/2010 22:03:07
So a sister ship for Gannet it would be good to see them racing together.

29/05/2010 15:20:38
Garry R
Any photos you can post to Mags and get them popped up on the site?


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