999 Rozzer

26/05/2010 09:48:18
Ancient Geek
An old school friend of mine who sails at Baltic Wharf S C in Bristol tells me Rozzer is for sale, minus sails and rudder being sold to defer storage fees. Apparently the treasurer of BWSC is handling it.
She's in not bad nick but needs some work on side decks and rudder, I remember her as a prety boat, sailed by Clive Curtis who sold her to Jeff Worsedales mother, Jeff I think sailed her in the 1967 Championships.
So if one of the vintage lot who maybe remember her as new want a mini project, contact the Treasurer of BWSC. - Sorry this from a BLackberry and I cannot find a number.

26/05/2010 22:23:13
Rozzer was previously also owned by Ed Bremner, President of the cvrda who redecked and reckoned it was a strong boat (and reckons it's definitely a him)

27/05/2010 08:16:49
Robert Harris
About five years ago I was looking for an old boat to sail at Tamesis. I was thrilled when I saw 'Rozzer' was for sale and dashed down to Baltic Dock in Bristol to have look. She was one of the early Proctor MK IXs built by Chippendale and a very attractive boat when Clive owned her.

'Rozzer' was sailable (probably) but was in poor condition having been redecked by someone probably more used to assembling flatpack furniture! The pleasant young couple who owned her had an inflated idea of her value as did the owners of two other boats in dreadful condition that I saw in Norfolk and on the south coast.

I'm delighted that 'Rozzer' is still around, at the time I didn't think she'd last very long. Maybe a dedicated owner has restored her to her former glory.

28/05/2010 09:45:09
Ed Bremner
"redecked by someone probably more used to assembling flatpack furniture!"


I only redecked the fore-deck as I remember.....and it is quite possible they have all been done again since then.....It was 10 years ago now. I remember that the owner after me (Alan Watson, Commodore at BWSC) also did quite a bit of work including inserting a new section into the stem, work on the patch in hull and epoxy-coating the decks, which I wasn't keen on....but did a good job nonetheless.

My memory of the boat then was that he looked in good shape,but Rozzer has been sitting outside at BWSC for at least 3 years, since anybody did any work on him, so condition is unlikely to be that good.

I don't seem to have many photos of Rozzer, but have attached one.

But it wasn't that bad!

28/05/2010 10:50:45
Robert Harris
It was probably 6 years ago that I saw 'Rozzer' at Baltic Dock. I make no apology for my frank response yesterday because way back in the late 50s 'Rozzer' was such a beautiful boat. With her hull and decks built from richly coloured ply she stood out as something special. When I first saw her at Baltic Dock I didn't recognise her as the boat I've just described.

In the Vintage section of the Photo Gallery there's a photograph taken by my Dad of 'Rozzer' being sailed by Geoff Worsdale at the Poole Championship in 1967.

28/05/2010 11:01:42
trouble is you just can't get the rich coloured stuff anymore. if it needs replacing you have to use what you can get and wood doesn't last forever, certainly not if it's been neglected.


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