Help - crew needed

25/05/2010 20:46:02
Andy Hay - 3626 Business as Usual

Organising the Nationals and now have no crew for the event. Ideally Business as Usual needs a trim 23 stone and I'll provide 13 of that (lost a stone & half since New Year). 2010 Hyde rags, padded toestraps and a lovely wooden deck - as seen at the Dinghy Show this year.

We are based in Devon, so ideally someone down this way (Starcross / Salcombe) would be good for practice. If required I'll join the relevant Yacht Club ...

Getting very twitchy and need to get back on the water. BAU hasn't been on the water since the Warming Pans and that's too long.


31/05/2010 07:48:01
Andy Hay - 3626 Business as Usual
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