TVSC Merlin Open

17/05/2010 07:04:00
Thank you all for a great days sailing, generous hospitality and an excellent lunch (congrats to Les). Look forward to coming back next year. Ian and Angela 3346.

17/05/2010 09:12:36
Team Smokin enjoyed the day too, a big thankyou is due to Guy for the loan of a spare shroud and to the race team for delaying the second race as long as they could to let us get into the race. Great fun on the river and we will be back.

17/05/2010 14:53:02
Paul Hollis
As i could not attend due to doing the moon walk in London could anyone email me a copy of the results please. [email protected]

Many thanks

17/05/2010 22:08:28
Andy 3543
A fantastic days racing and a superb lunch - many thanks to all at TVSC.

BTW - not guilty of loosening my crew's toe straps over lunch, but the divers roll he did out of the boat has got to score top marks for style :)

17/05/2010 22:33:18
Colin 3508
Great days sailing,and lunch enjoyed the experiance of river sailing very much. See you all next year

18/05/2010 21:59:49
Mike Anslow
Was particularly impressed with the low-level fly past.  Who arranged it and what was it?

18/05/2010 22:45:26
Duxford Air Show

19/05/2010 07:32:39
Mike it was a Dakota.

19/05/2010 08:50:45
Garry R
When I was but a boy in Dublin in the days when you rushed outside to look at an aeroplane (not a plane I hasten to add)the way you could tell a Viscount from a Dakota was the engine note.  The Viscount was high pitched and the Dakota more of a growl.  At least aeroplanes flew in ash and I believe that in an earlier era over Germany they flew in clouds formed largely of lead.

19/05/2010 09:02:41
I was very lucky to go on the last commercial flight of a dakota,my favorite aircraft of all time,they are only used for freight now as the  door size and access is incorrect for disabled people!ridiculous really as the guy sitting in front of me was a para from 1944 ,he had 2 crutches and wouldnt have missed it for the world!! the joys of health and safety!!!!

19/05/2010 12:07:36
Part of the Battle of Britain memorial flightiIt was doing fly by for some USAF Veterans who had unveiled a memorial to a crew who had crashed avoiding a house.

19/05/2010 14:15:21
They are still called aeroplanes!


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