HISC Results

16/05/2010 16:51:50
The results from the HISC Silver Tiller are at the link below.

For information, Merlins were the largest fleet at the Glyn Charles yesterday with 23.

17/05/2010 20:42:47
Mark Nicholson
Sowggle - possibly the most bonkers variation of the Scroggie name! Nice one HISC!

17/05/2010 21:40:59
The great typos. I had fun a
sorting the results this morning...

Crew names now added to overall st scores

17/05/2010 22:55:35
Chris M
Ross, Mr Hewdow would probably prefer to be Hendon rather than the pseudonym he aquired at Salcombe!!


17/05/2010 23:42:35
Pat Blake
Unfortunately our names are right - but the results are wrong!
We finished the first race, we think 13th
So I think we should be 13th overall - still 1 pt behind Alan!
Hey Ho

18/05/2010 09:07:44
Chris will correct the spelling for next time.

Pat that's one to talk with the OOD about I think ;-((

18/05/2010 14:00:30
Did you include Nigel and Andy Douglas in 39th in there Lark?

18/05/2010 14:06:50
Ah! Well spotted Liam. Indeed 39th place appears to be a Lark rather than a Merlin. I will remove them from overall standings....

At least it proves Merlins are quicker than Larks ;-))

18/05/2010 14:16:33
Loved the misprints - Xygel Hufton and Dave Merlin could become new pseudonyms. Having done the vintage results entry myself at the weekend I know how quickly and badly people scribble the forms. Maybe we should take a minute to write a bit more clearly in capitals as it would really help the harassed results typist.

18/05/2010 14:54:12
On line entry, and then if you are a pselling mysteak it is your own fault!

19/05/2010 21:47:44
Any race report from HISC - results seem to imply a tale to tell?

20/05/2010 16:11:29
Well if you know where to find them on the Merlin website, you'll get a link to the Y&Y article. But in the interest of fairness to other, less well established sailing websites :-) here is a link to mine.

20/05/2010 16:18:35
The same report here!

20/05/2010 16:31:15
Assuming the report was sumbited to Y&Y, and copied to the other site, is it not good form to credit the author - as per Y&Y?

20/05/2010 16:40:22
Mark!!!!!! Who do you think I am????
I published what I got sent by the MR publicity team. Idon't take other people copyright without permission.

20/05/2010 16:41:29
but I suppose I should have guessed GGGG wrote it by the first few words :-)


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