Trent Valley Sailing Club

11/05/2010 17:36:49
Trent Valley Open Meeting this sunday, 4th event of midland series, hopefully a good wind like last year, early forcast showing sunndy day with 10mph breeze

Traditional trent valley roast dinner organized, if you are attending can you reply so we don`t under estimated on no`s


11/05/2010 20:04:38
Andy 3543
I believe we have 3 making the trip from Redditch.  Looking forward to my baptism racing on the river, and my crew likes the sound of that roast dinner!!

12/05/2010 20:06:44
3346 Galactic Gnu from Banbury looking forward to joining in

12/05/2010 20:22:36
Richard Battey
How is the Gnu? I owned this boat from about 2000 to 2004.Glad she is getting plenty of use.

12/05/2010 21:35:36
Hi Richard,
In fine form. We thoroughly enjoyed the Rutland training although, regrettably, it was too heavy for us on the Sunday. Looking forward to spending the rest of this season consolidating our experience at Banbury and on the Midland Circuit before returning to Rutland for more training. GG is fine it's just the idiot on the tiller who needs to get up to speed.
Regards, Ian

13/05/2010 09:17:44
Good luck on the fab Trent river.

Watch the edge of the jetty!

I find myself double booked so will applaud from the internet.



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