Thanks to all the trainers and organisers of the Merlin Training at Rutland

05/05/2010 20:48:48
I would just like to say thank you to all the people who devoted their time and effort into helping Andy and I, and many others improve their sailing of the lovely Merlin! We had a great time and it's left me feeling a lot more enthuised and confident about sailing our boat! I didn't stop smiling all day Tuesday :-) I do hope to come back next year and show you all how much I have improved.

05/05/2010 23:42:05
Colin 3508
I would just like to echo the above comment. A very useful and enjoyable weekend thanks to everyone involved.

06/05/2010 08:24:37
Chris B (3062/922)
Same here. The conditions didn't work too well for a stripped-out river boat but the enthusiasm, wisdom and assistance from the training team were remarkable.

Particular thanks to Phil Scott - who was an absolute star - and Chris Gould who gave me some invaluable tips on the water. Jennie and Steve did a great job of organising and running things and the entire training team were brilliant!

06/05/2010 08:26:02
James 3403
a supberb weekend from me and  my crew.

picked up loadz of hints and improvements.

06/05/2010 10:37:12
Smokin 3496
Team Smokin would also like to extend our thanks to all who coached us  and helped with the boat, and thanks to Steve for organising it. To Graham we say thanks for the footwork, when we get it right the difference is amazing!

06/05/2010 10:41:24
Mike Anslow
Didn't you Redditch guys do well on the Sunday!  The training has obviously paid off.

06/05/2010 14:54:38
Peter and Vanessa
A big thank you to all the training team from Vanessa and I also. We were a bit out of our depth in all respects and the weather was not too kind, but we had fun, learnt loads and have set goals for the future. Looking forward to next year and making less use of the rescue boat.


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