04/05/2010 21:58:04
I would like to know more about the hstory of this boat,MERLIN ROCKET # 2917, I have been told its a flying kipper about a 1972 but i cant find out if that is correct or not? Thanks in advance.

04/05/2010 22:53:46
Garry R
2010 Yearbook says it's a Phil Morrison designed September Girl built by Bruce Majer of Littleborough in 1974 and was/is called Ruby Tuesday.

04/05/2010 23:56:25
Thats great info thanks alot

05/05/2010 00:03:44
Does anyone know what this boat is worth in good solid complete condition? thanks

05/05/2010 08:37:50
Chris M

05/05/2010 09:20:50
Phantom Kipper .............. was a nice boat .

05/05/2010 13:07:52
Tony Lane
The 1975 YB does show 2917 as a Phil Morrison designed Phantom Kipper.
The succeeding YBs until 1989 show the builder, B Mager, of Hollingworth Lake SC as the owner and in that year a new owner is recorded as C. Child at the same club.
The 1998 YB was the first to show 2917 as a September Girl design.I think this may have been an error that has been carried forward in the later books.

05/05/2010 14:08:34
Best let Lou Archer know then so it can be corrected. How many others do you think have been change by accident over the years?

05/05/2010 20:17:09
Well the boat is up for sale, however its in the isle of man if anyone is interested?

06/05/2010 10:23:16
Mike Liggett
Easy to tell if Phantom Kipper as it will have extra kipper, half width, plank just under gunwhale.


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