Rutland Silver Tiller

03/05/2010 10:33:12
Results can be found on the Rutland website - link below.

30 entries - doubtless reduced by the horrid weather.
04/05/2010 04:34:42
What were the conditions?

04/05/2010 07:02:45
Chris M

They delayed the start until 1:00pm, it was probably sailable at 11:00 but launching directly into a force 6 with a good swell would have been messy at best. Once we got out i'd say it was about force 5 thorugh both the races I did.

04/05/2010 11:20:00
The third race was more of the same allthough the wind shifted 10 degrees northward forcing them to reset the line. I thought the race management was excellent, they got the racing going as soon as they could each time.

04/05/2010 11:53:04
Gung Ho
I think, at the prize giving, the guy said it was blowing consistently mid 20's and gusting 35 several times during the racing. Which makes it Force 5/6 gusting 7 if he was measuring in mph or Force 6 gusting 8 if in knots!

04/05/2010 12:09:56
Chris m
I missed the 1st race after gear failure.

04/05/2010 12:33:17
Smokin 3496
The man clearly said knots!!

04/05/2010 14:10:04
Jeez, that place really does dish it up sometimes.  Am missing Merlins + Rutland weekends rather a lot these days :)


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