Top 10 Merlin Clubs

28/04/2010 04:36:36
Is there a top 10 merlin rocket clubs list by number of association members? It would be quite handy to know, especially if one was looking to relocate to the UK and one of ones criteria was a health MR sailing scene.....

28/04/2010 07:20:44
Chris M
By region:

South East: Whitstable, Brightlingsea

London: Tamesis, Hampton, Wembley, Ranelagh, Cookham

South Coast: Shoreham

South West: Starcross, Parkstone

Midlands: Blithfield, Banbury, Midland

All the above have strong fleets and all hold and ST meeting regularly. There will be some i've missed out, but i'm sure their members will chip in!

28/04/2010 07:40:57
Has the north floated away from the rest of the UK?!

Hollingworth, Bolton, Carsington, Blackpool & Fleetwood...

28/04/2010 09:13:45
The north? Where's that?

28/04/2010 09:37:29
Hayling have similar numbers as Shoreham I believe, about 9-10 boats

28/04/2010 09:45:02
Of course itdepends if you are modern, claasic or vintage too some fleets are large but almost all vintage the smaller ones (not exclusively.) tend to be modern.

28/04/2010 10:18:08
Brightlingsea is a fapidly growing fleet - now 10 boats .  Jacko makes a summer appearance and others would be a welcome addition! see club website at
28/04/2010 10:58:52
Chris M
Don't go north pip it's cold.......;)

28/04/2010 11:50:16
Rod 3704
Hayling has ten actively sailing Merlins at a stunning club with a wide range of sailing conditions including fabulous harbour conditions and the ability to use associated clubs and Regattas together with more challenging bay conditions. The club is actively promoting and supporting the Merlin as an ideal boat for the location. An excellent social scene and warm welcome awaits new Merlin sailors. Why not visit and do the Glynn Charles charity pursuit race and Silver Tiller over the week end 15/16 May. Theres also the £35 pound bargin Federation week 8-14 August where we have eight confirmed Merlin entries and an oustanding week of partying at sensible prices and non inflated local accommodation or bunk with local Merllin sailors for the cost of a few beers!

29/04/2010 16:27:51
I believe Tamesis has the highest number of MROA members and therefore by my estimation is the Number 1 Merlin Rocket club in the land, crazy as that may seem...

30/04/2010 08:13:47
Maybe the list of merlin clubs needs a spring clean. Bewl for example isn't a merlin club any more; hasn't been for years and I don't think they have a single merlin there.

30/04/2010 09:38:46
I think they should rename Tamesis to "Harris Haven Yacht Club". They all have about 8 boats each and pull out the most suitable for the conditions!!!

30/04/2010 14:51:34
Shearwater has a number of vintage boats. Two years ago I calculated that Merlins accounted for about 10% of the boats there.

30/04/2010 15:41:24
10% of what?

30/04/2010 16:54:34
Harris family
That's a wild accusation......
We only have 4 boats each the other 12 boats are for children, grandchildren etc....


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