Plans needed

26/04/2010 08:46:08
Dave Law
I am about to start to do some very major rebulding work on my Merlin 1674 mate
I was wondering whether it was possible to get hold of the original plans, it is a proctor Mk16 and was built by Chippendale.
I need to replace the transom and deck, so if anyone has any adice please let me know


26/04/2010 10:39:24
mike 1981
Hi Dave,
I have just finished all you hope to do and more.
Give me a call if you think I can help. 01934842768

26/04/2010 13:05:06
Mike has done a really lovely job on 1981, if any endorsement of Mike's work was needed -  the photographic record of the restoration is excellent and well worth some space on the photo section. Mags might like a CD to select from or a few key images?


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