23/04/2010 09:19:37
I heard on the radio that the RSPB are trying to attract Ospreys to the south coast. Poly birds and nests.  very realistic.

I have to tell them that we have a well established position at Rutland Water for Merlins already!!
Training! Very realistic.

There's a few nests left.

23/04/2010 17:05:41
There were several ospreys (the feathered ones) around Poole and Purbeck last year without RSPB help! Also at Rutland so maybe Merlins attrct Ospreys?

23/04/2010 17:09:40
There are a lot more Ospreys all over the UK than are public knowledge, wise landowners do not tell the RSPB and thus the twitchers stay away and there is no publicity for the egg thieves either. The birds do well and do not need protection because no one knows they are there.

24/04/2010 01:15:24
Robin Szemeti
I really like Ospreys, one of my favourite birds of prey.

Cooked with a little orange sauce and a sprig of parsley in its beak, served on a bed of watercress, yum!

24/04/2010 14:13:42
Spatchcocked and bar b q'd over hot coals is good too.

27/04/2010 13:30:22
Just stretch a IXb and you've got an osprey

28/04/2010 13:25:28
Garry R
As the defendant in the case of an accidental Golden Eagle shooting said to the Magistrate "In my defence I would like to say it was a terrible mistake to have shot the eagle but in mitigation I can inform you that I plucked , cooked and ate the bird"  "Commendable" said the magistrate "but still a crime.  But tell me, what did it taste like?"  "If anything m'Lud a little like swan!!"


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