Photos of Salcombe Silver Tiller

22/04/2010 09:36:26
Magazine Man
On the saturday at Salcombe, a couple of weeks ago, there was a chap taking photos of us racing with a bit of semi-submersible kit. He was holding the camera almost under the water.
Does anyone know who he is and how I can get hold of him?

22/04/2010 14:27:24
Always fancied doing this myself, seeing as I own a drysuit and a waterproof camera case (cheap 'Aquapac' one works well enough for my simple digicam).

Only trouble is I am not a decent photographer! But if you ever want a shot of yourself flying along under spinnaker, taken from inches under your bow, let me know...I'll find a helmet as well...

22/04/2010 17:47:29
...the man from Atlantis

22/04/2010 23:06:27
John Murrell
I think I know who that brave soul might have been; will ask tomorrow and report back..............

23/04/2010 09:24:00
John Murrell
The piccy person was Nick Philbedge, I have spoken this morning and they will see exactly what they have got.

The link to them is below or


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