Anyone from Banbury

21/04/2010 22:59:54
Managed to leave 2 pairs of wet boots in changing room after open meeting 1 small pair and one large pair crewsaver. If found could you please keep safe and I will pick up.Thanks.

22/04/2010 10:50:08
You did indeed and I will collect these so that they do not go astray.  Let me know when and where you want to collect them - I am for instance up at Rutland running a RIB for the training on the Saturday or call me on 01926 812694

22/04/2010 11:08:50
Frances Gifford
Richard - I lost a rounders base on Sunday.  Quite a few people are aware, including the Tosh's but you were busy with the results when I left so I didn't mention it.  It looks like a wooden beach cricket stump with a red top to indicate that it is in fact fourth base.  If it does turn up please pass it to the Tosh's or take to Rutland where I will arrange for someone local to me to collect it.  It is definitely in the grounds of BSC somewhere I just couldn't find it despite extensive searching.

Many thanks,


22/04/2010 19:35:33
Ok - will have a look at the weekend.  Sounds like a dog or child has taken it off into the bushes.

24/04/2010 18:44:40
Hi Colin,
Will pick up boots tomorrow from Richard and bring them to Rutland.
Hi Fran,
4th base recovered from Banbury hinterland. Will also bring with ne to Rutland. Will email you my details so you can arrange collection as required.
Cheers, Ian

25/04/2010 20:16:27
Mrs Tosh
We can pick up the base and give it to Fran if it helps.


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