Cracking Adur 8 on E-Bay.

21/04/2010 13:27:45
Looks like a nice original boat from an owner who does not know what she has!! I think it needs saving but not be me this time!!
21/04/2010 15:22:24
stand by for ROBERT HARRIS!!!!

21/04/2010 16:02:56
How did Adur 8s stack up against the 7s? Whats the story?

21/04/2010 16:13:48
They were considered a failure, no where near as good as the mk7 but with a more modern rig who knows what they might do.

22/04/2010 09:04:09
Robert Harris
I'm probably the only member who who owned and sailed both the Adur 7 and the 8. Both had Proctor 'C' section masts. They both also had fixed swept back spreaders and Ratsey sails.

In river, lake and sea racing my Adur 7 'Helgel' no. 1502 was the most succesful boat of the 10 or so I owned. In her 1st season in 1963 we were 3rd in the championship, 1st at Salcombe and 2nd in the ST. My best championship results previously had been 11th twice.

My Adur Mk 8 no. 888 was frankly a dog, she only went reasonably well in force 4 plus. See photo on the Vintage photo page. We thought we were doing well until 'Xpectant' planed through our lee.

101 and Andy0. You asked, this is my personal opinion, others may think differently.

22/04/2010 09:14:46
That's good to know. Can you remember the difference in hull design? (It's prob on the design guide ... but I'm interested as I have an old 7.

22/04/2010 09:44:24
David Child
The Adur 8 was rather more calypegic (More rounded fatter bigger.)Robert was not the only person to have his heart broken by the Adur 8 Royston Comport (A good sailor.)amongst others, had one too and he went on to have the Expectent designed too.

22/04/2010 11:41:53
david Henshall
AG - you may know this but any others please feel free to pitch in!
Martin Jones - he of the xpectant design.... is he with us still and does anyone know how to contact him?



22/04/2010 12:20:39
Ancient Geek
Dougal, if anyone does it will be Patrick Pym, you have his co ordinates no doubt, if not PM me.

22/04/2010 12:24:14
Ancient Geek
Or another thought Hugh Welbourne pm if you need coordinates.

22/04/2010 12:24:25
Ancient Geek
Or another thought Hugh Welbourne pm if you need coordinates.

27/04/2010 22:40:37
did I read that right? £1550.... 
seems a tad on the high side for an old lady?
or am I missing something......

19/05/2010 17:00:10
Another Adur 8 on e-bay. Seem to be a few of these about recently. Wonder if it will fetch as much as the last one?!
19/05/2010 17:03:43
In actual fact it is the same boat!! Back on e-bay so soon. Obviously got carried away when he bought it, or he/she was drunk! L know a few people who have bought things they don't remember the next day!!

20/05/2010 09:54:43
Garry R
It is a re-list - last week went up to £560 but did not reach the reserve so gives you an idea of where to pitch a bid if you are in with any chance to win it.  For a boat of that cost it would have been good to have had more pictures of decks, rig, sails

20/05/2010 10:39:34
Yes, but it sold a few weeks ago for £1550 or did they not go through with it given that it was a llot of money!!

20/05/2010 11:08:05
Whatever, anyone buying it would be advised to plead for a special handicap it was a truly slow boat, in Robert Harris's word "A DOG".
For cruising only.

08/06/2010 20:37:36
looks like the same boat back on ebay...
is that a realistic price tho?

09/06/2010 16:17:33
Garry R
It is the same boat and if you go back a bit this boat was sold for £1500 about a week and a half ago but has been relisted for some reason by the original seller - not picked up or not paid for I guess.  I'll not comment on the price tag ........

09/06/2010 16:54:07
This boat keeps reappearing and selling for large amounts of money. What is the betting that the owner is trying to bid it up and keeps buying back himself?

09/06/2010 18:55:36
Garry R
Well with ebay fees he'll be racking up the commission at those prices and it's not allowed under ebay rules.  We'll give him the benefit of the doubt and hope it's genuine.


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