May I bring your attention to WIcked 3708

20/04/2010 10:15:45
One for the record
Dear readers
The new boat 3708 designed by Keith Callaghan and built by Laurie Smart has been incorrectly logged in the 2010 year book as a Canterbury Tales. It is infact a wooden hull HAZARDOUS ZERO-9 design and built by Laurie Smart and should read thus:- 25iLS

20/04/2010 20:08:06
I thought that you were only allowed a Canterbury Tales these days...

22/04/2010 22:06:15
The year book's got plenty of errors - according to the book my helm and I are sailing in the same boat at opposite ends of the country! 
The Joneses have had their clubs all randomly mixed up, you just have to work it out from the addresses - oh and my address is incorrect too but I notified that two years ago.

23/04/2010 11:15:04
One for the record
To the owner of 2121, all address changes go to the Treasurer and the year book is compiled using the spread sheet with all the current information that members have supplied. Some addresses have got mixed up during a process that uses Mailmerger. If you have any positive feedback on  how to use this device in a more efficient way, I look foward to hearing that.

23/04/2010 14:52:10
Proof read with the mk 1 eyeball and a good memory, essential tools for a sub-editor, the rule with data entry is garbage in garbage out. I mean this no disrespect of your sterling efforts in producing the year book year after year a real labour of love, thank you.

23/04/2010 15:20:48
...your lucky, i dont even make it in the year book - joined as a member 3 years ago.

23/04/2010 15:50:06
Is there an email address we should send corrections to entries in the year book ?

23/04/2010 16:02:09
No dates for boats built 2008/2009/2010 in boatlist ..............

23/04/2010 19:44:56
please send any corrections to [email protected]

23/04/2010 19:46:19
that would be [email protected]

24/04/2010 19:48:42
it really shouldnt be possible to be a member paying fees and not appear in the yearbook , there are 2 lists of members one full and one associate, having said that watford are going to avoid relegation and that didnt look possible

are you getting your magazines ?


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