Banbury Videos

19/04/2010 14:55:55
Frances Gifford
In between games of french cricket and frisbeeing (thanks Andy for not bringing boat up, was a lovely day) I attempted to take some video of the final race.  Results not so amazing....

In first one it becomes apparent that Richard Whitworth has a silent little motor and Simon and Alex and Matt and Chris do not. This was possibly a low point in Simon and Alex's final race (which they subsequently won so all ok in the end).

The second one is the reason I'm not going to take up being a cameraman for a living - definitely needs the sound on to even be vaguely worth watching and even with the sound it is very marginal.....

It was a very lovely day at Banbury.

Now then - how do I add these links - can I add more than one....??
19/04/2010 14:57:50
Frances Gifford
Think I've posted them in the wrong order for my descriptions above, so the first one above is the not so interesting one....

Happy days.

19/04/2010 15:23:00
Nice vids Fran. Shame about that big orange thumb - but was rather exciting working out what it was compared to the sailing going on in the background. 

(Now I get why the beeb prefered showing weightlifting over the sailing during the olympics)

Glad you had a nice game of french cricket. Phil could have joined in!


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