Proctor XII

18/04/2010 20:20:39
how / where does the hull differ from other Proctors...I have checked the design guide but it doesnt tell me.

18/04/2010 20:54:14
Chris M
try the link below. when i redid the design guide i didn't do the Proctor designs because my Mother was still at primary school when they were in their heyday!! Some of the guys that race these vintage boats have been asked to do a more complete design guide but these are not easy to write and take some time. The link below is from the origional guide. Proctor Designs
18/04/2010 21:02:00
chris this is where I looked..I am trying to get the dimensions to send to a chandler who is building a launching trolley..havent got time right now to go an measure her..

18/04/2010 21:15:02
Chris M
Apart from the cradle shape a merlin is pretty much merlin. I would even think a standard CT cradle would maybe bend to suit, we've done this with a couple of boats though none as old as a XII!

18/04/2010 21:50:51
Mike's the cradle that is the problem..the trolley is a standard MR type

19/04/2010 09:45:46
For a perfect fit make the craddle yourself on the upside down hull.....

19/04/2010 13:39:10
An adjustable trolley that fits a Lark would be a reasonable guess - we use the same one for the Larks and the Proctor 9D with some adjustment of the cradle height at each side.


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