Glynn Charles 15th May 2010

16/04/2010 18:42:37
Measurement Man
Hi All,

We have been advised that if we have a sufficient entry in advance (by the close of entry) we can get a class prize for the Merlins for this classic event...

It takes place on the Saturday before this years' Silver Tiller at HISC - and makes a classic weekend of racing. Merlin's have done well previously - Willy Warren won on one occasion, and took home a very handsome holiday voucher for his pains.

If you are wavering, make the decision and enter to be there! The HISC merlin fleet is growing, so there is good support from the club, and you will be very welcome. Good value accommodation is available on site if you book well in advance, and there may be fleet member accommodation in reserve for the lucky few..

Link below takes you where you need to be...

Any q's feel free to call us..

See you there!!!

GGGGG & Jude.
01252 319593
23/04/2010 07:57:13
Measurement Man
Two MR entries so far, ours go on this weekend.

Who else is joining in?



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