ST Midland scores

15/04/2010 13:09:09
Note the Midland scores for top 5 have been corrected, e.g. 0.9 rather than 1, etc. You will see this on the web after Banbury scores are added.

19/04/2010 19:26:41
oakey doakey then are they about to appear?

19/04/2010 20:00:45
ST updates are aways mentioned on the bottom right of the homepage, or the box at the top of the forum, along with other news.
19/04/2010 20:15:02
Just re read this and it was the scores for the Midland Silver Tiller that were updated, I had hoped that the current Midland Circuit scores would be up dated and posted after the two Midland Circuit events.

19/04/2010 21:46:43
Chris M
A quick and academic question:

Why is Matt Biggs on 5.6 and i'm on 104something despite us having completed the same number of meetings?

I realise second place will probably not last long but it would be nice to be able to print and preferably frame a copy of the results with us ahead of a few hotshots. Also should this volcanic cloud get much worse leading to the cancellation of all other opens we could conceviably get second in the series!

yours stoking the ash for grim death


20/04/2010 08:50:52
Unfortunatley Chris you have missed your chance as you are now 9th despite Biggsy missing a thousand points. There are now ten of us that have done 4 events of open/restricted classification and are missing the Sea event. Therefore we have both dropped down the order.

If you find the previous thread from Midland you can print that off as Ross posted the results on the forum rather than the table.

We all know how well you have been doing though, particularly at Salcombe.

20/04/2010 10:01:11
Hi Chris, I need to talk to Mags. He is running a conversion over the file I send him. For some reason Matt's result has twice gone from 1005.6 to 5.6. Since no sea events have happened yet 1005.6 is the correct score.

20/04/2010 10:54:22
Thats a shame!

(Tongue firmly in cheek)


20/04/2010 17:01:51
Corrected now. It didn't affect the order though. 

The +1000 is a bit of a temporary bodge anyway, not a true reflection on how many points someone scored!

20/04/2010 17:53:12
I thought that system worked well Mags. Makes it much clearer that they have not completed the required events yet.


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