renaming boats

14/04/2010 14:57:16
Rod & Jo Sceptical
With the French Open 2010 coming up, we have renamed 2988 Hysteria>Foreign Affaire. I have notified the RYA and got a new certificate. Does this mean the info automatically gets updated in the MROA yearbook? I have mailed Louisa Brooks twice but no response. Does anyone know?

14/04/2010 16:41:02
Doubt the RYA does anything as joined up as informing MROA.

14/04/2010 18:21:45
Measurement Man
Hi Rod!

Who be Louisa Brooks?

Louisa Archer, as keeper of Class Records would be interested to know for future editions of the YB; Rya? less interested - to my knowledge they don't record names any more, that is down to us.

Hope all well sur le continent?


GGGGG & Jude

14/04/2010 20:18:35
Rod & Jo Sceptical
Hi GG && J, 

Louisa Brooks is a fictitious person invented in one of my senior moments, working quickly from memory which,- well,- didn't work! She works for both the CIA & the KGB, and is extraordinarily beautiful and seductive. Down to earth, it was indeed to Louisa Archer that I mailed 2X, using the link on the website; but since no echo I'm still not sure if messages were getting through.

Otherwise, yes, life in Sarkozyland is wonderful; 2988 is getting a full refit to go with the new name,- though I doubt it will make us go any faster. After all, if we were sailing to win we've had given up long ago! Are you coming to St Pierre de Q?

ages were getting througg.
14/04/2010 23:27:13
Louisa Archer
Hi guys, I'm sorry, I haven't got your mail yet.I will update the Year book as soon as I have sight of an updated measurement certificate issued by the RYA (or copy of).My address and 'phone is  in the yearbook .The RYA should send me a copy in due course, but that may be some time though they are usually quite prompt. I'm afraid this years book has gone to print so we won't be able to sort it until next year.Louisa

15/04/2010 07:39:19
Rod & Jo Sceptical
Who put that URL on my previous comment? Not I.

Louisa, I sent two mails over a month ago using the link from the website. No matter, the name is changed as said, all other details remain the same.

15/04/2010 11:41:49
I can assure you the RYA keep a check of names as it is a class rule. There is a notice over the desk as reminder for the person doing the certificates. It was there yesterday!

15/04/2010 19:39:05
Rod & Jo Sceptical
I confirm that the RYA were most helpful and efficient; directed me to the right person immediately, took the details over the phone, and I had my new certificate 3 days later, even our here in the wilderness.

15/04/2010 21:13:43
About 3 months ago, I also contacted the RYA for a change of name and measurement certificate. I did the contact by paper mail, rather than using something modern like a phone!
I also got the new certificate back in just over a week: good efficient service.

16/04/2010 09:10:43
What was 2988 orginal name? I vaguely remember a boat of that number or very similiar wich was launched new by Peter Chester at WLYC when they tried to start a Merlin fleet at Southport

16/04/2010 09:50:27
Rod & Jo Sceptical
2988 was originally owned by Keith Callaghan, and named Moonshadow. It was not the first Hysteria to be built, though that name remained untaken; that name change came about when Keith sold the boat to Don Hearn, from whom we acquired her.


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