Whats happened to the 2010 year book and spring magazine?

13/04/2010 20:39:48
The title says it all, could some one from the comittee say what has happened please?

15/04/2010 15:06:40

15/04/2010 15:08:11
woof woof

just found out they have been despatched aujourd' hui

cant wait to get my teeth on them

16/04/2010 14:12:13
Magazine Man
Big mailing with Yearbook and Spring Magazine should be with you tomorrow I hope - our post has just come and it wasn't in it.

Sorry we are a bit late but I hope you appreciate that we are all amateur volunteers and sometimes life gets in the way! However we are very keen to keep our standards up so I hope you wont be disappointed. We have a new ring bound format for the Yearbook and I am sure Louisa, I and all the other contributors will welcome any feedback.

This year your committee decided against a separate fixtures booklet as it was felt that most people used this website for fixture information - any one with strong feelings please let us know if we are right or wrong.

16/04/2010 15:15:34
I am sure it is just the shear anticipation of another excellent mag causing people to ask where it is!!

I liked having the fixtures booklet I must say, even though I frequent this website probably more than I should!! It was handy to have around the house and to take with us when we went to the opens. The directions in there were useful. However we will survive without it, I am sure. Maybe next year you could make it a little more breif and have it as a pull out in the magazine? Or even part of the magazine?

Alas it was not in my post either. Will sit by the door in the morning and bite the posties hand off!!

Thanks for all your efforts. I know we all apreciate it.

17/04/2010 12:44:38
Should be hitting the doormats today!

17/04/2010 13:15:35
One for the record
Lovely magazine Pat! Just wanted to inform everyone that the super photograph that accompanies the article written by Louisa on Penzance was taken by Demelza Mitchell (thank you Demelza)

17/04/2010 15:49:46
Magazine Man
Oh dear did i forget to credit Melza - sorry!
That picture gave me a few worries as obviously it was taken in the winter on a windy day - not like the beautiful summer breezes that will be ours in August.
However it is a great shot - thank you Demelza.
I have noticed a few other cock-ups - but I am not telling you until you notice them too.
I think the Year Book looks great - nice pictures and the spiral binding works well

17/04/2010 18:12:20
Mike Liggett
Don't think either of the two boats on p.32 are "Flinkidink".  Also,and I noticed it in last years year book,on the "Register of Boats" no boats seem to have been built in 2007 and a massive number in 2008! The ring binding is a great new feature.  In all a superb publication with great color photos.

17/04/2010 20:13:28
Fantastic magazine how on earth do you keep the standard so high. Like the new spiral bound yearbook

18/04/2010 06:59:54
Andy Hay - Champs Chappie
Please also ignore the telephone number for us at the back of the mag, still wrong! All details for the Champs are on the relevant section of this site, including the entry form.

Just received Nick Turner's entry form - presumably for Project X - although as no sail number, I guess that Nick is hedging his bets!

19/04/2010 22:01:34
Keith Callaghan
Got the magazine and the Yearbook. Love the new format for the latter. However, it seems that last year was all a dream. (I dreamt that I designed a new Merlin Rocket and that Laurie Smart built it). It turns out that MR3708 'Wicked' is a Winder Canterbury Tales - just like every other Merlin Rocket built last year bar one.

20/04/2010 09:31:00
Time Traveller
It would appear that we haven't built any merlins since 2008, though that appeared to be a bumper year.

20/04/2010 09:55:25
Dr Who

20/04/2010 10:01:30
One for the record
OKAY I put my hands up! This is an official apology to the designer and builder of MR 3708 'Wicked', its all my fault and there is no excuse, not even a small one - Sorry.


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