Salcombe ST

07/04/2010 14:23:37
John Murrell
Well, we have booked the weather; the beer and food ordered all we need are the competitors!

Any chance of a heads up of who is coming so that emergency stocks of Doom can be arranged? As always entries and results are on the SYC website as I get them.

See you at Batson on Saturday.
07/04/2010 14:28:31
Andy Dalby
Hello John - we'll be there. (Crewed by my beautiful sister) 

07/04/2010 17:20:51
Richard Page
The Page Family will be there too!

07/04/2010 17:52:41
Kathy and I are intending to bring 3442 'Armed Forces'. This will be the first time we have sailed the boat, so we are not a serious entry, but we look forward to meeting a few people and seeing what we can learn... 
The grand plan was to learn twin pole gybes etc over Easter, but it was windy so we played RS400's instead. Hoping for a nice F3 please! I will try to stay out of everyone's way and not monopolise the safety boats too much. Forecast looks pretty good, but if it blows we will watch from SYC's patio. I'm assuming we can turn up Friday eve and enter, book dinner for Saturday etc?
See you there, Chris Iles

07/04/2010 18:36:07
John Murrell
Chris, the club is open all weekend with food being served on Friday until 21.00 and the Bar until 23.30. Same applies to Saturday night too. Apart from the usual menu we will be having some specials all good value - we have a new chef this year so none of last years OTT food..............................

Entry forms will be with the Bar guys on Friday night so that you don't have to rush on Saturday morning, actually they are on the SYC website too so they can be filled out before you leave home, hows that for service?

I will be in the boatpark trying to remember how to rig my boat too (Jez - help!)
07/04/2010 19:00:02
Mrs Tosh
On our way tomorrow :o)

08/04/2010 08:38:13
Its easy John, you will figure it out. Not going to make it myself as I have to work Saturday.

Sorry, you are on your own. Really wishing I had planned better now so I could have made it!

Have fun all and we will see you in July.

08/04/2010 12:27:41
hywel jnr
just got down the weather is glorious, just got to try and re thread my traveller now., could be a long frustrating afternoon.

08/04/2010 12:55:52
I need to do that too, but just think, you could be sitting in an office looking out at the sun wishing you were in Salcombe re-threading your traveller!!

08/04/2010 13:48:41
Was planning to come down, but my crew has dropped out. If i can find a crew i will come - any Offers?

08/04/2010 13:50:10
Thought you had sold your boat Terry? I will be resigned to OK sailing this weekend I am afraid.

08/04/2010 14:11:02
I bought another boat.
If my OK had returned from New Zealand i would have been sailing ot too.

08/04/2010 14:25:44
Funnily enough, an OK came through the post the other day Tezza with a big stamp on it. You must have scribbled the wrong post code on it again.

08/04/2010 14:56:56
Oh Dear. Have you got another one from Jason then or an Idol Composites like everyone else?
Sailed mine last weekend for the first time and it goes really well, but still no comparison to the Merlin I am afaid.

I think I am on a mission now to find a way to get to Salcombe this weekend. Left it a bit late to find digs though I think.

09/04/2010 00:56:14
Would love too if its windy? But no accommadation?? Guido 07946 070335??

09/04/2010 00:59:55
Would love too if its windy? But no accommadation?? Guido 07946 070335??

09/04/2010 08:30:12
Hi Terry.

We are heading down to Salcombe today and Harry is available if it's very light airs - call me on 07880 567125 if any use.

Jeremy Kearns.

09/04/2010 15:13:22
Looks like i am sorted - see you there.


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